SKARIM Geo-Engineering Surveys l.t.d

SKARIM Geo-Engineering Surveys.

SKARIM specialized in several drilling sectors for different demands such as blast holes, offshore drilling, exploration drilling, cores, and water wells.

Between our clients we have the trains and seaports authority, engineering offices, Soil Consultant, Standards Institute, the thechnion, Rotem Amfert Negev, IEC, construction companies and Etc.

In our hands we have the best and the most perfect equipment for each project, drilling rigs for drilling to different depth in all kinds of diameters with specific detailing for any demand, and we also have the ability to provide any test, soil sorting, classification, groundwater observation and all kinds of analyses.

The company also own specialist teams to provide the fastest solutions for any problem appeared, the maintenance team and the drilling teams equipped with all terrain vehicles and with drilling rig to preform drilling in the toughest places exists.
Drilling horizontal and verticals drills, wet or dry soils.

The company is under the supervision of the ISO Standards Institute with the 9001:2000 restrict standards.


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